Hardangerfjord - Fjordcruise with optional Sightseeing Eidfjord

You can start this tour from the bus station in Bergen or from the quay in Norheimsund. Guiding in several languages is provided during the tour.

If you start from Bergen, you get the bus to Norheimsund where the boat takes you to the inner reaches of what is called “the queen of Norwegian fjords”. On this incredible fjord cruise to the inner part of Hardangerfjorden you will see many beautiful villages and settlements encircled by majestic mountains with snow-covered peaks. If you take the trip in May and June, you will also experience the fruit trees in full blossom.

You have around three hours to explore Eidsfjord by yourself, or you can join the Eidfjord Sightseeing excursion.

Excursion in Eidfjord – available from 1 May to 30 September

You can buy tickets for the Eidfjord Sightseeing excursion on the boat at a price of NOK 350 for adults and NOK 280 for children.

If you want to join this excursion, the bus will wait for you on the quay. The first stop on the sightseeing tour is Hardangervidda Nature Centre where you can watch a panoramic film made by Ivo Caprino. This will take you on a magical journey among waterfalls, fjords and mountains. At several interactive stations in the Centre you can explore Nature’s interplay with the environment and the relationships between Nature and human activities. 

From Hardangervidda Nature Centre the tour continues up Måbødalen valley that offers a fantastic view of Norway’s most famous waterfall, Vøringsfossen. This has a vertical fall of 145 metres, and a total fall of 182 metres. In 2006 Vøringsfossen was Norway’s most-visited natural attraction – and it’s not hard to see why when you stop at a lookout point near the waterfall.

The sightseeing tour ends in Eidfjord where the boat is waiting at the quay to take you back to Norheimsund to get the bus to Bergen.

Watch video from a journey on the beautiful Hardangerfjord.

Watch this fantastic 360 panoramic view of Vøringsfossen as a taste of what you can expect